On average the minimum cost to mail an advertisement yourself will cost anywhere between $0.60-$0.80/house. With SuperSavers you can mail print advertising for as low as $0.031/house.

SuperSavers offers 6 different ways to reach your targeted audience throughout the CSRA including Augusta, S.Augusta, Fort Gordon, Evans, Martinez, Grovetown, N. Augusta, Aiken, and more! Consumers will receive your advertising message and save money by redeeming your coupon regardless if they received it in the mail, printed it off our website, or accessed it on their smartphone from our mobile app. Tracking your response to your advertising is made easy through Call Source telephone tracking that we offer at no charge. You can keep your message in front of your customers all month with the SuperSavers & More television ad campaign.

6 Different Mailing Areas



How It Works:

Choose which format fits your advertising best! No matter the size or budget, we have 4 different formats that can meet any marketing campaign goals:

  • SuperSaver Booklet
  • Wrap Advertising
  • Flyer Advertising
  • Postcards

SuperSaver Booklet Advertising Package

Once a Month

SuperSaver Booklet Package

Save money by co-op mailing! Instead of one individual paying for all the mailing costs for an ad, they can join a group of people mailing at the same time and lower their individual mailing costs by sharing the costs and saving as much as 90% as compared to solo mailing. This system has revolutionized print marketing by allowing businesses to reach more of their target customers at lower mailing costs. 

Price- $0.03- $0.04/home (Requires mailing to at least 20,000 homes.)

This package includes:

  • Your advertisement in a SuperSaver booklet. You can choose from options to mail to all 120,000 homes or choose specific areas based on 6 different areas of 20,000 homes.
  • Your advertisement will be listed on the Supersaver web app.
  • Your advertisement will be easily accessed on mobile via the Supersaver website.
  • Your 5-second ad will be on ABC/MEtv broadcast television, which reaches 355,000 potential households. These ads are available on Hulu, YouTube, Sling, Comcast, WOW, and via antenna. 

Wrap Advertising Package

Once a Month

Wrap Advertising Package

This is the outside packaging of advertisements for businesses. This is the first thing a customer will see when receiving advertising materials in their mailbox. Due to it being the first item seen in the marketing materials, it has the fastest response time from your target audience.

Price- $0.04- $0.05/ home (Requires mailing to all mailing areas of 120,000 homes.

Flyer Advertising Packages

Once a Month and Anytime Options

Flyer Advertisement Package

This type of print advertising is perfect for showcasing many items or deals. We can design and print it for you, or insert a pre-made design in multiple sizes. This section is great for oversized flyers, 8×11 flyers, grocery store circulars, and newspaper circulars.

Price- $0.10 – $0.25/home (Call us for pricing. We give free quotes in this section for most sizes.) 

11 x 13 Flyers

8.5 x 11 Flyers 

12 x 36 Circulars

If you have something pre-printed you would like us to insert, we can add that for approximately $0.05.

Postcard Advertising Packages

Once a Month and Anytime Options

Direct Mail Advertisement Postcards

Stand out from the crowd! With our postcard direct mailing, you mail anytime and showcase your business. Or you can save money, but still stand out, by sending a postcard along with the monthly local deals booklet. This option gives you 25% more advertising space by allowing you to print on both sides or share the cost with someone for the other side.

Postcard Sizes and Pricing:

5 x 9 postcards- $0.16/home
6 x 9 postcards- $0.19/home
11 x 16 postcards- $0.24/home

We can print any size. Contact us for specialty-sized pricing. Note-These postcard prices require mailing to at least 20,000 homes.

Benefits of Direct Mail Advertising:

  • You can mail the same audience 4X’s for the same price vs mailing it through the postal service.
  • You can use full-size front and back.
  • We design, print, and mail all for one low price.



The only local marketing campaign that includes commercials!

Reach 355,000 Potential Households.

Getting in front of your target audience has never been easier. Your business can be showcased on local networks to gain more exposure. Commercials are a great way to showcase that you are a local business that is a part of the community where they live and work. Due to having public visibility, you turn a cold call into a warm call because your audience is already familiar with you. It gives your brand top-of-mind awareness when potential customers are looking for your services.

Your commercial will be viewed on multiple platforms/devices such as Hulu, YouTube, Sling, Comcast, WOW, and via antenna.



Be where your customers are!

Having your business in multiple places online is vital for gaining exposure and converting more customers. Check out our online coupon website and app to drive more traffic to your business.



Call Source Telephone Tracking

Call Source Telephone Tracking gives our advertisers a way to track customers responding to the SuperSavers & More. Not only can you listen to the telephone conversation between your office and your potential customer, but you will also receive a list of every phone call missed that will include the customer’s name and phone number. This allows you to help train your staff on handling telephone customers and gives you a backup list of calls missed of potential customers.

Solo Mailing Options

We can design, print, and mail postcards on an individual basis with your target audience mailing list on a per-project basis.