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of consumers open SuperSavers Coupon Book
50 %
of local women use coupons while shopping
50 %
of local men use coupons while shopping
50 %

Our Mailing Zones

Get into the home of your target audience. We prouldy deliver magazines to residences across Augusta, Evans, and the CSRA every month! Our valuable magazines can save you hundreds, and they're all FREE! For more information on how to receive our advertising or if you're interested in advertising your business or organization, hop over to our contact page to learn more about mailing areas in Augusta, Evans, and the CSRA.

Every month SuperSavers & More mails to over 120,000 homes in 6 different areas of 20,000 households. 

Coverage includes the entire CSRA:

  • Evans/Appling
  • Martinez
  • Grovetown/Harlem
  • West Augusta
  • Ft. Gordon/S. Augusta/Hepzibah
  • Aiken/North Augusta

Get Started Today!

Direct mail is a highly effective form of advertising that can generate strong leads, and create branding familiarity and customer loyalty. The SuperSavers booklet provides clients with the opportunity to get the “right message, in the right hand,” as we deliver to 121,000 households in the Augusta Metro area every 30 days. We have about a 91% opening and visual rate. Even if your target audience doesn’t use the coupon during the month, it is common for them to look through the booklet and see who and what is in it, giving your brand visibility. Clients who advertise in the booklets report that they receive calls from their target audience up to 30 days after the booklets are delivered. With SuperSavers being the only local deals booklet being distributed in the CSRA, homes are more apt to look at our booklet and there is no other print material in town going to as many homes as the SuperSavers booklet.

With Supersavers advertising your marketing investment will  be:

  • Targeted.
  • Tangible.
  • Versatile.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Easily measured.

But wait, there’s more! All design work for your ad is done at no additional cost! Contact us today to get your message into the “right” hands.